About Us

About Us

Veracord, Inc. is a quality and regulatory compliance consulting firm. Founded in 2007, we provide consulting services to our clients to assist in developing and providing high quality, safe and effective products to patients. Our company philosophy is to provide quality services, on time in a professional and practical manner, which will meet our clients' needs and national and international regulatory requirements.

Veracord is a boutique quality and regulatory compliance consulting firm serving global Life Science clients with quality systems, quality assurance, audit, validation/qualification, training and regulatory support services. For over a decade, Veracord has implemented regulatory compliance, audit and remediation services, delivering solutions that empower our clients to stay ahead in today's dynamic regulatory environment.

We strive to create lasting relationships with clients by rendering exceptional services that consistently delivers quality and value. Veracord leverage its expertise in leading edge technologies and industry best practices to deliver to its customers a comprehensive suite of business solutions

Our goal is to help our clients design, implement and maintain systems that will produce high quality products on a consistent basis, as well as meet the compliance requirements of the FDA and other global regulatory bodies, while still being cost-effective and maintainable.

Our Clients

Veracord's client base includes pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics, combination product and other regulated companies nationwide and internationally. We work clients from start-up R&D companies to large commercial, international Fortune 500 companies, and all stages of development in-between. Our clients include virtual companies as well as companies with in-house laboratories and manufacturing.

Our People

The extensive background of our team allows us to offer sound advice, bringing added value to our clients and their businesses. In addition to their consulting experience, most of our employees have held positions internally at global life science companies in the past, many in management positions, which means we understand the pressures you have to maintain quality yet meet time and cost restrictions. Our experience in multiple positions and organizations in the industry, and by virtue of the fact that we stay active in industry organizations, allows us to provide knowledge on the latest industry trends and techniques, and offer experience in a range of approaches.